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  • All treatments are payable at each session by bank transfer, or cash, on the day.

  • The Holistic Therapies (Spiritual Healing, Meditation) appointments will last typically 75 minutes, as do Tarot readings. The Energy Rebalancing treatment lasts 2 hours. The Holistic Life Coaching discovery session lasts up to 2 hours and follow-up sessions (by phone or in person) typically last 1 hour.

  • My practice hours are 9.00am - 6.00pm (last appointment start time) Monday - Friday and on Saturday from 9.00am to 2.30pm (last appointment start time). I do not work on Sunday. As my Saturdays get booked up quite some weeks in advance, there is a better opportunity of seeing me during the week, if that is possible for you. I do not operate a drop-in system and I rarely have availability on day of enquiry.

    For details on individual training courses please click here.



As energy imbalances are often the result of long-term issues, it may take more than one treatment to achieve long-term results. I believe in empowering people to help themselves and often include techniques and exercises that they can carry out regularly in their own time.

ENERGY RE-BALANCING TREATMENT: £90 for a 2 hour appointment

After talking to you and taking a case history, I will scan your aura and discuss any energy and chakra imbalances. The re-balancing treatment will often include spiritual healing, chakra balancing, meditation exercises, affirmations and visualisations, with Tarot cards offering further clarification. I can support you with advice or meditation exercises that you can work on in your daily life.

After this treatment, you should feel a deep sense of calm, be more at peace with yourself and have greater clarity in order to help you reach conclusions and make decisions.

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As Tarot readings are in-depth explorations of long-term paths, I would not recommend frequent readings. Once every 6 months to once a year is ample.


As I recommend 6 classes, in order to become proficient in meditation/mindfulness, I am offering a discount to keep the cost of your sessions more affordable.

BLOCK BOOKING: 6 Meditation sessions for the price of 5: £300. This is payable in advance or £60 at each of the first five sessions with sixth session free.




Unlike more traditional kinds of life coaching, I do not use lots of forms, work sheets, scored assessments, intake agreements and the completion of standard processes. I place less emphasis on material and financial goals, in order to help the coachee instead to focus on internal indicators of success.

Although the Discovery session (2 hours) with me is more freeform than other more traditional life coaching sessions, it will include the following:

  • Exploring where you are at the present moment
  • Understanding what has been tried and what hasn't worked (without judgement)
  • Exploring obstacles found along the way (without the stigma of seeing it as failure)
  • Looking at options in a lateral and 360 degree way
  • Setting initial goals that are time realistic and appropriate

    The first session is better carried out face-to-face, although I do accept that in the case of national or international clients this is not always possible.

    Subsequent Sessions (1 hour) will always include a recap on the goals set and an honest appraisal of how well the coachee feels that these have been achieved. This is not a teacher : pupil relationship but a conversation between equals, so there is no judgement made here; the coachee is responsible for the setting of their goals and is accountable for their actions to themselves. If appropriate, more action points will be set in this session. Subsequent sessions acknowledge and recognise that the pace of development is individual and that sometimes, reflecting, understanding and treading water can be just as important as moving forward.

    These sessions are flexible so they can be carried out by phone or in person.




  • What happens at the first Holistic Therapies consultation?

    All consultations are confidential. At the first consultation I will take down details such as address, contact telephone numbers, occupation. I will ask you about any medical conditions, allergies or recent operations and hospital treatment. We will also discuss your lifestyle, diet, sleep patterns, levels of stress and any emotional issues or energy imbalances that you want to talk about. It is helpful to know what you hope to get as benefits from the sessions.

    The first consultation is much more than a safety precaution or a legal obligation. It provides me with important information, such as which therapies are likely to be the most effective, how many should be "integrated" within the treatment and the opportunity to listen to your needs and preferences. Sometimes the consultation may touch on areas that you don't expect, as you follow your own insights. The more complete a picture I have - be it physical, emotional or spiritual - the better the opportunity to identify the areas most in need. All information received is confidential.

    I will always listen to your preferences and take these into account.

    I work intuitively, backed up by my experience and knowledge. I will often pick up further intuitive clues when carrying out a treatment, or by "reading" your aura. This will make each session different and unique to you, even if just by subtle changes. Although I may focus on certain areas of need, I believe in working holistically, so that you should experience a sense of completeness, calm and well-being.

    I always welcome feedback.


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  • How long does a treatment last?

    Most holistic therapy treatments will last 1 and 1/4 hours; the first session might take a little longer, in order to take a case history and discuss your individual needs. Tarot readings typically last 1 and 1/4 hours. For the energy rebalancing treatment, and the first holistic life coaching session, it's 2 hours. The follow-up life coaching sessions last 1 hour.

    It is important to have time for talking and questions whenever I see you. This gives us an opportunity to explore how you have responded to the previous session, to talk about the changes in your life since the last visit (positive or negative) and to make sure that each treatment is tailored to you and your needs.

    This is why my treatments last a little longer than the times you may be used to - the balance between talking time and "active" time may change depending on what you need most when you come for each treatment.



  • How do I get to your practice?

    If you are travelling by car, I am only a few minutes from The A4 (Hogarth Roundabout), the M4 or Chiswick High Road. Wilton Avenue W4 2HX is easily found on location apps. I live in a quiet, residential road. There are two pay and display bays at the start of my road; you can also park in the "residents only" area, if spaces are available, and I can give you a visitor's permit. There are times during the day when parking is free and I can let you know, on booking, or when you arrive for your session.

    If you are travelling by tube, the nearest station is TURNHAM GREEN, just over 5 minutes walk from my house. STAMFORD BROOK station is about 10 minutes walk. Chiswick High Road and Chiswick Lane can be accessed by a number of bus routes.



  • What should I do if I need to change an appointment?

    Once you have booked an appointment, I look forward to seeing you. Should you need to change or cancel an appointment, please contact me at least 24 hours before your visit, so that the session can go to someone else. If cancellations are not received by then, you will be charged at 50% of the treatment cost. Please note that "no shows" will be billed the full amount of the treatment.



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